Rigging Reel

Dave Northcutt, Technical Artist / Character TD on Vimeo.

Dance Central 3

Lead Technical Artist: Responsible for rigging and implementation of all characters in the game, including skeleton setup and skinning, as well as physics setup. Also did a substantial amount of work on environments, especially venue animations, character lighting, and associated scripting. Note that some of the character skinning and setup was done by an outside contractor; for those characters I did basic initial setup as well as polish, game implementation, troubleshooting, and updates.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Character TD (Rigging Dept): Rigged numerous characters; created optimized cloth rigs for all background characters which made shots with large numbers of characters possible. Also did cloth simulation for all background characters as well as some primary characters.

Mars Needs Moms!

Character TD (Rigging Dept): Rigged numerous characters, including the majority of background alien characters (each of which had several variants, numbering in the hundreds).

Currently available for contract or full time opportunities! dnorthcutt@gmail.com